Georgios Leivadaros

Safety... one is not enough

We are a brand new company staffed with the most capable and experienced technicians and engineers with extensive experience trying to become better and better every day. operating 24/7 hours 365 days.

Gas Marine Pte ltd provides a diverse portfolio of products and services to the marine market to specialized gas detection instruments, safety and technical equipment.
Our company has extensive experience and expertise.
Continuous training of our staff are one of the primary issues of continuing evolution in the shipping industry.

Portable Gas detectors

& Measuring Instruments

Portable Gas detectors & Measuring Instruments
Gas-Marine   Oxygen Meter
Gas-Marine   Multigas / Combustible Meter
Gas-Marine   Pressure Calibrators
Gas-Marine   Temperature Calibrators
Gas-Marine   UTI Tapes

Fixed Systems on Board


Fixed Systems on Board
Gas-Marine   Fixed Gas Detection System
Gas-Marine   Smoke Detection System
Gas-Marine   Pressure Trasmitter
Gas-Marine   O2 Analyzer for Inner Gas System ( IGS )
Gas-Marine   15ppm Bilge Alarm Monitor
Gas-Marine   Vapor Emission Control System ( VCES )
Gas-Marine   Oil Discharge Monitoring Equipment ( ODME )

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1, Bukit Batok Crescent #03-33 Wcega Plaza Singapore 658064


+30 (694) 4072333( Greece)
+65 (8535) 6486( Singapore)
Mr George Leivadaros

+65 (9448) 5879 (Singapore)
Mr Brabu Tomas


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